At Austin Artists Market, we believe that art enhances our lives, brings joy and creates an
environment that reflects our personalities.  Whether you are seeking an original, limited edition
or quality reproduction, we can assist you in finding the right gallery or market in your

Where in Austin?

We’re all based in Austin, TX, but the Austin Artists Market is online only  – a virtual market to promote Visual Art.

Austin Artists Market

Visual art is often side-stepped in the description of Arts in Austin. This usually included music
and theater. Here we are promoting visual art and artists. Our eclectic artists group is comprised
of artists in various media and subject matter with a wide range of price points.
Our main objective is to assist you in finding quality art at galleries and markets that we trust.
We believe that buying art is more than just finding a decorative piece – it is the thrill of finding
the perfect piece that will accentuate your home or office and provide a pride of ownership that
will last a lifetime.

We’re art enthusiasts and artists. First and foremost, we started as a marketing engine. We know
the web, how to grab traffic, etc.  We integrated artists: photographers, designers, galleries, and
markets in one easy to navigate site. Thankfully, we found that a little promotion goes a long
ways, and we’ve managed to grow and build our reputation here in Austin.


Interested in being a sponsor or volunteer? Contact us for details. We are always looking for
Market and Gallery information!

You can also apply to be a vendor. We take applications for a limited time. Spaces are limited.
The Austin Artists Market was designed to bring local artisans online. The Artist Market
provides a place for artists to interact.

About Austin Artists Scene

As the home of the Texas State Capitol and the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, Austin is a
world unto itself. We are visual artist who are featured in other cities and areas. We are now
stepping forward to bring you up to date with our local art scene. Take in the local art as well as
a presidential library and renowned museums to breathtaking scenery and outdoor recreation, our
immediate surroundings offer plenty of diversions to satisfy all types of visitors.


Austin Artists Market would like to thank the following sponsors for their help and encouragement.

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Tempera was the most used technique from the 12th or early 13th century until the 15th, when it began to give way to oils.  It  is type of painting medium used to bind pigments. Etymology for tempera is from latin word temperare “to mix colors, temper, or regulate”.   Tempera, also known as egg tempera, is a permanent fast drying painting medium consisting of colored  pigment mixed with a water-soluble binder medium (usually a glutinous material such as egg yolk or some other size).