DIY Fall Leaf Mask for Kids

Leaf Mask Art Project for Kids

Create a half mask decorated with leaf prints, flower stencils, or even silk flowers and leaves. Wear the mask or use it as a wall hanging.

Start with an inexpensive, purchased half mask or cut one from poster board or craft foam. Then creatively decorate it in one of the following ways. The mask can be as simple or elaborate as desired.

Leaf Rubbing

Gather a few leaves in the desired shapes. Set one leaf vein side up on a table. Cover with a piece of paper. Peel the paper wrapping off of crayons in the colors wanted. Rub the side of the crayon over the paper, revealing the texture of the leaf underneath. A rubbing plate may also be used. For young children, tape the rubbing plate or the underside of the leaf to the table.

Leaf Rubbing
Leaf Rubbing

Repeat several times, using different colors and leaf shapes, or keep those elements the same. Cut out each leaf. Glue all over the mask so the leaves overlap. Allow the leaves to hang over the edges. Trim free the eye openings.

Leaf Prints

Gather a few leaves in the desired shapes. Paint over the vein side of the leaf. Set the leaf painted side down on clean paper or cardstock. Set a piece of scrap paper over the leaf and gently rub the hand over that piece of paper so the leaf makes an impression on the bottom sheet of paper. Lift the scrap paper and peel off the leaf. If reusing the leaf with a different color, wash it, and pat it dry.

Leaf Prints
Leaf Prints

Make numerous impressions. When the paint is completely dry, cut out the shapes, and follow the above directions for creating the mask.

Leaf and Flower Stencils

Either trace around the shape of a leaf or use a leaf stencil to make leaf shapes on colored paper, construction paper, cardstock, or craft foam. Cut out the shapes and follow the directions for mask making listing with leaf rubbings.

Silk Leaf and Flower Masks

Use purchased leaves or flowers. If possible, use leaves without plastic veins or flower petals. Cut the leaves and flowers from the stems. Peel off plastic leaf veins or remove the plastic centers from the flowers. With fabric glue or a hot glue gun, glue the leaves or flowers over the mask, allowing some of the petals to hang off the edge. Avoid gluing the entire shape down, leaving the edges loose, for a wilder, more natural look.

Create a Mask

Add string to the mask so it can be tied around the head. Punch holes at either side of the mask and slide through the ribbon and knot it in place. To hide where the string attaches to the mask, glue a leaf (using any of the above methods) over each of the holes with the string. Glue just half of the leaf in place, enough to hide the ribbon without interfering with any movement of the string.

Create a Mask Wall Hanging

Repeat the direction for the mask that can be worn, but use three to five strands of thin ribbon in different colors. Make the ribbon longer than what would be worn. Hang on the wall.

Children and adults can create a leaf or flower mask to wear or to hang as a decoration. Use silk leaves or flowers, leaves created by rubbing or printing, or even through cutting out stenciled shapes.