DIY art journals

Making an Art Journal

DIY Art Journals For newcomers to the mixed media art form, creating an art journal is a great way to grow as an artist. For a beginning mixed media artist, creating a piece of art on that “good” canvas can be downright intimidating. What if something doesn’t turn out right? What if that canvas is …

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kids Splatter Painting Techniques

Splatter Painting Techniques

Fun Splatter Painting with Kids Incorporate splatter painting effects in abstract art projects on paper, canvas, or fabric. Do these projects outside or indoors in a protected area. Splatter painting creates an entirely different effect than brushstrokes. Splattering diffuses or scatters paint over the paper or fabric being painted. Below are some different techniques to …

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Doodle Art

Pattern-Making Doodle Art

How to Make Patterns with Doodle Art Use a simple framework of lines or shapes to create small spaces that you fill with doodles. Turn those random marks you make when you’re bored into a piece of artwork. If you’ve doodled hearts, stars, ponies, or tanks on the covers of your notebook or in the …

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Graph Paper Art

Pattern-Making Graph Paper Art

Graph Paper Art Drawing for Kids Learn some of the elements of design – color, shape, and repetition – while coloring on graph paper. Coloring patterns on graph paper is like a free-form coloring book. You get some guidelines, but you decide what the finished design looks like. Graph Paper for Your Pattern Making Art …

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Watercolor Pencils for Kids

How to Use Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencils for Kids & Beginners Watercolor pencils offer the ease of drawing with colored pencils but leave you with the final effect of a watercolor painting. Watercolor pencils are fun because you can use them in different ways to produce a variety of effects. You can go outside and draw a picture using the …

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Chalk Pastels for Kids

Three Ways to Use Chalk Pastels

Chalk Pastels for Kids & Beginners Go beyond drawing with chalk pastels on paper, and try these different techniques combining the pastels with water, egg yolks, and milk. Chalk pastels create soft images, but the dust often smears or blows off the page. The following methods create bright-colored results that don’t resemble most projects done …

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Kids Mixed Media Projects

Mixed Media Projects for Kids

Mixed Media Art for Kids Ideas Merge collage with paint, ink with watercolors, and other combinations of art materials that spark the imagination. Break out the art supplies and encourage kids’ creativity with projects that combine two or three media, or art materials. Learning how to layer different items also develops problem-solving skills. The key …

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Leaf Mask Art Project

DIY Fall Leaf Mask for Kids

Leaf Mask Art Project for Kids Create a half mask decorated with leaf prints, flower stencils, or even silk flowers and leaves. Wear the mask or use it as a wall hanging. Start with an inexpensive, purchased half mask or cut one from poster board or craft foam. Then creatively decorate it in one of …

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