Fun Ways to Use Stencils

Fun Ways to Use Stencils for Kids

Stenciling for Kids Stencils are a fun and easy way to add interesting elements to cards, clothing, and other craft projects. Stencils give young artists and crafters a clear shape to work with, which can boost their creative confidence since they don’t have to worry about drawing details. Stenciled shapes are a fun addition to …

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Complementary Color Wheel

Understanding the Color Wheel – Complements

Complementary Colors Complementary colors are those on opposite sides of the color wheel. These combinations are vivid and eye-catching. Create a cut-paper project to highlight the contrast. Take the guesswork from combining colors by giving a little attention to the color wheel. Whether you are working on a craft project or trying to coordinate colors …

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Positive and Negative Space Art

Positive and Negative Space Art Project

Positive and Negative Space Paper Art For Kids This project will show you what positive space and negative space are in art, and how to create a design using these spaces. In the case of art, positive and negative don’t mean that a drawing is either good or bad. These terms define the shape of …

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Analogous Colors

Understanding the Color Wheel – Analogous Colors

Blending Analogous Colors Analogous colors are colors next to one another on the color wheel. Discover how you can use these combinations to make great art and to get dressed in the morning. Have you ever wondered why some color combinations look great together while other combinations somehow look “off”? Color schemes, combinations of colors, …

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How To Use The Color Wheel

Make a Basic Color Wheel

Color Wheel Guide Create a color wheel and then use it to find a variety of color schemes that will work for getting dressed, decorating, or making art and craft projects. Whether you are getting dressed in the morning, decorating your room, or working on an art or craft project, your options for combining colors …

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